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Coming Attractions:  

Auditions for 70, Girls, 70

By John Kandor, Fred Ebb  (Creators of Chicago and Cabaret)

April 13, 14, and 15, 6:30-8:30

Washington High School Band room – use west door.  Please be prepared to sing. A CD player and sound system will be available if you have your own accompaniment, or an accompanist will be available.  

*Please note the location is not the Center, but the HS Band Room*




The show concerns a group of senior citizens living on New York's Upper West Side who learn that the long-term hotel they live in will be sold off to developers - making the seniors homeless. To save the hotel, the seniors form a ring of unlikely thieves, wreaking havoc in stores from Sadies' Second Hand Furs to Bloomingdales. In the process, they regain their zest for life. The seniors proceed to use their ill-gotten gains to spruce up their digs and to provide safe harbor for other poor seniors. The musical is based on the 1960 British film 'Make Mine Mink' and its antecedent, Peter Coke's 1958 London stage comedy, Breath of Spring.


Characters / Suggested Performer Age Ranges:


Ida Dodd – The ringleader. /  Veteran Actress


Walter – He’s against the whole thing… at first.  / Veteran Actor


Eunice – A little scattered. /  Veteran Actress


Harry – Always up for an adventure. /  Veteran Actor


Gert – Retired Bloomingdale’s security. / Veteran Actress


Fritzi and Melba – Waitresses at the Cornucopia Café. / Veteran Actresses


Eddie, the bellhop – Loves the community, loves riling Harry more.

/ Late high school to 30’s


Mr. and Mrs. McIllehenny, Marvin and Edna Whittaker, Various Residents (Chorus)

            / Veteran Actresses and Actors


Sadie, Police Officers, Bloomingdale’s Security (Mostly non-singing.)

            / Late high school to any age adult. Most likely cast in multiple roles. 

Almost, Maine Cast Announcement

The cast for Almost, Maine has been announced!


 Pete          - Courtney Cook

Ginnette  - Megan Yoder

East           - Dave Helmuth

Glory          - Abby Heim

Jimmy        - Chris Hanson

Sandrine   - Nikki Frederick

Waitress   - Sonya Love-Smith

Marvalyn  - Danielle Pettit-Majewski

Steve            - Craig McClenahan

Gayle            - Kadie Dennison

Lendall        - Brent Pfeiffer

Phil                - Steve Lockard

Marci            - Melody Lockard

Hope             - Gina Bennett

Suzette        - Stacy Rinner

Rhonda        - Jenny Tobin

Dave              - Vern Miller

Randy            - Mike McNurlen

Chad              - Adrian "Taco" Galindo


THE STORY: On a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter, all is not quite what it seems in the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine.  As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost's residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways.  Knees are bruised.  Hearts are broken.  But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night's dream. 

The Washington High School Presents:

The Bachelor's Baby

April 24, 25 & 26

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